Franchisor success is dependent on growing and supporting a healthy franchise network.

Our COMPASSGuide process helps franchisors by:

  • Developing standardized reporting processes.
  • Training Franchisees to understand the numbers.
  • Reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in easy to understand dashboards.
  • Leading Peer Performance Groups.

We guide franchisors and franchisees to financial success.


  • Consistency in financial information across franchise system.
  • Franchisees understand and effectively utilize financial information.
  • KPIs critical to financial success are tracked and reported.
  • Access to system-wide financial information in easy to understand dashboards.
  • Insights that drive operational and financial efficiencies.
  • Better decisions based on operational and financial goals.
  • Improved franchisee satisfaction.

How it works

  • CARE – Complete Accounting Review and Evaluation
    • Current state of business is documented.
    • Long-term needs, goals and objectives are defined.
    • COMPASSMap is developed to define steps in the journey.
  • Systems and processes are established to create consistent reporting and measurements.
  • Franchisees are trained to understand financial statements and make informed decisions.
  • Franchisors have access to Franchisee benchmark groups in a single dashboard.

Franchisees are coached by a COMPASSGuide expert.