Welcome to Porterfield & Company CPA, PLLC

We are a progressive accounting company that is:

  • Relationship-Centered
  • Results-Driven
  • Tech-Enabled and
  • Customer-Focused

Our focus on serving Franchises, Pharmacies, Franchisors and Not-For-Profits allows us to serving our target markets with excellence.

We understand what it takes for franchises, independent pharmacies, franchisors and not-for-profits to be successful. With that understanding, we designed products and processes to deliver consistent and predictable results.

Whether you  are single location or a multi-unit franchise or pharmacy, we help you mitigate risks, manage technologies and workflows, train and coach you to drive performance and meet business and personal goals.


Serving franchises and independent pharmacies with COMPASS – Complete Outsourced Monthly Processes and Accounting Service System. COMPASS is designed to guide franchise and independent pharmacy owners to meet their business and financial goals.

Most CPAs focus on compliance – We focus on results. Working with our customers in a daily/weekly/monthly cadence, we lead owners in building better businesses.

SHaRP Simplified HR and Payroll

SHaRP Simplified HR and Payroll gives you the tools and professional expertise to meet your HR and Payroll needs. Partnering with us for your HR and Payroll solutions can help accelerate your business.

Our Mission

Improving People’s Lives through Relationships, Sound Guidance and Leadership; Serving as Accountants, Auditors and Advisors.


Franchisors benefit from COMPASSGuide. Designed to train, develop, measure and improve franchisee performance, COMPASSGuide starts with training franchisees to understand financial information and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).We help franchisors and franchisees build the map to financial success, benchmark and measure performance and develop actionable plans to improve performance.


As auditors, our CARE Comprehensive Audit and Review Engagement Method streamlines the audit process and focuses on meeting reporting and compliance requirements.

Our Values

Integrity, Respect, Care, Competence, Teamwork, Innovation, Fun and Accountability.