Our CARE Complete Accounting Review and Evaluation process for franchisees and independent pharmacists. We’ve taken our expertise in accounting for franchise operations and independent pharmacies and designed a process to evaluate the effectiveness of your accounting and business systems.

How it Works

Using our CARE process, we will schedule a 30 minute to one-hour web meeting with you. To get the most out of the process, we ask that you have access to recent financial statements and information. During our time together, we facilitate a discussion that establishes the current state of your accounting and business systems and ranks your company in over 12 key accounting and business categories.

Building on the similarities and recognizing the unique characteristics of franchise and pharmacy operations, we specifically developed CARE for franchises and CARErx for independent pharmacies.

After our initial call, we process the information obtained and prepare your CARE report and present your rankings and our observations to you in an easy to understand report and scorecard. This follow-up web meeting generally takes between 30 minutes and one hour.